Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Jackie O and Spiced by Jesse Jane.

JessJams only wants the entire universe to have more sexy, flirty fun…join us!

Our clothing and home items are just fun tools that you should use to spice up your life.

Flirty fun items, like ours, have been proven to add smiles to the faces around them. They have been proven to generate sparks in tough or stagnant love lulls.

Here are some ideas:

Jess Jams Movement

Jess Jams Loves Police

Jess Jams is Diverse

Versace Mansion begged Jess Jams to attend

Jess Jams loves the Navy and all Branches

Power Tools love Jess jams

Cocoa Puffs goes CoCo for Jess Jams

Miami Loves Jess Jams

HB Surfer Chicks Love Jess Jams

Everyone loves JJ

Jess Jams Inspires Sexy Flirty Fun

Coyote Ugly OKC loves Jess Jams!
Jess Jams and First Responders

Jess Jams and Pets

Jess Jams Community Forum – Coming Soon

Our passion is to share our appreciation for old-school European sexy class and style with new school edginess. Both Brigitte and Jesse are iconic legends.